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The Healing Arts Practice of Peace Arnold located at the northwestern most tip of Manhattan Island surrounded by rivers and parks and sitting atop bedrock of marble and quartz...

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* Next NYC 'One Year Seminar' in
Rebirthing-Breathwork begins  for Sept 2014

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Sessions with Peace ~ Breathe Yourself Free
Peace brings more than 20 years Healing Arts experience to her work in Rebirthing Breathwork. Informed by her background in Asian Bodywork, (Amma), Spirit Healing Skills and Folk Herbalism in the WiseWoman Tradition and Interfaith Ministry

Breathwork - The Bridge to the Power Within

Rebirthing is most know for the 'conscious connected breathing' practice that came out of this movement in the 1970's. Filling the body with pure chi energy is not only deeply relaxing, it moves and flushes long standing stagnations of chi from the energy system. Rebirthing  is a transformation from degeneration to rejuvenation and a freedom of spirit.. A comprehensive program  grounded in 'new thought' over the course of 10 Breathwork sessions, rounds out the first level of practice and study in Rebirthing Breathwork.

- The first 10 sessions include personal seminar and Breathwork these sessions are  2-1/2 hrs.  Series of 10 paid in advance save 10% off total cost.
Payment plans available at 0%.

Contact Peace:  -  917-579-1449

Sessions available in person and via Skype:
Rebirthing Breathwork & Clearing the Emotional Mind 

Breathwork for Conscious Birth -
(10 sessions)
Spiritual Diagnosis (SPDX) Mandala Sessions
"Aliveness and Relaxation is the natural awakened state." Peace Arnold

An evening of delicious breathing practices from a variety of world traditions...

*by donation

Upcoming dates: July 15, Aug 26, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 9

NYC One Year Seminar  
Rebirthing-Breathwork Monthly Training Program

"Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old."
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learn Rebirthing Breathwork in the most effective way
.  This is a transformational program that meets one full day a month for 12 months. You will become a part of a dedicated group of individuals for an in depth practice of Rebirthing Breathwork and emotional mind healing.  Through the practice of Breathwork and exercises that have been bringing results for thousands, if not millions of participants throughout the world since the 1970's you will learn to breath energy, let go of conditioned thoughts and emotional reactivity and move into a more conscious future.   In addition you will learn how to maintain these benefits as well as facilitate Breathwork sessions for others. Environment is the most significant factor in our lives and health, Surround yourself with a community of loving supportive friends and Breathwork exchange partners.  You are worth it.

The One Year Seminar 
is a global community that has its roots in the early Theta House days of the Breathwork movement.  Many of the most highly regarded Rebirthers and Healers have participated, organized, and lead One Year Seminars over the past 4 decades...  and, it is still one of the best learning experiences offered, today.
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Conscious Birth Series - Our experiences at birth, and, for our purposes, this includes the period from conception through early infancy, and the conclusions we have made based upon these experiences live in our subconscious and become activated when we give birth. The 10 Rebirthing sessions before we give birth are focused on identifying our beliefs and fears around childbirth; journey meditations to review and rewrite our birth scripts; embracing the divine child of our past so that we can welcome the divine child we are bringing into the world.
And, of course, learning to Breathe energy, relax into sensation, and open to the mystery and miracle of life.

* We meet for 3 hours each of the 10 sessions. And, space them out over the course of the pregnancy aiming to complete the 10 session one month prior to your due date. I am available by email and phone in between sessions to answer questions and support your process.

Anastasia Conscious Birth Experience: Anastasia delivered at a Birthing Center in June 2012 after completing 10 session with me. Her Doula, also, completed 10 Rebirthing session as wells as her friend in attendance at the birth:

"It was all so smooth and so easy I never thought it could be this way no pain, nothing, just excitement.. I was open 7 centimeters when I got to the center with only gentle contractions that did not disturb me. I was able to sleep and do yoga through them.  We were dancing through the labor,  so different from the first time when I couldn't move. The transition and birth took 15 minutes and I gave birth in the water..  He, [the baby] breathed immediately at birth.. the midwife put him on my belly and he breast fed right away, he was so strong.. he breast fed for 2 hours!  There were two other women in labor at the center with me and it was very hard for them and they were both transferred to the hospital." 
"My husband and the midwife were both amazed."

Rebirthing Through Life's Transitions
Birth is not the only transition in life. Every time we change jobs, careers, relationships, locations we go through transition. Rebirthing sessions help us move through these changes clearing self limiting mental emotional constructs so that we move into a higher quality situation than the one we are leaving. This is an important time to schedule a session.

  1. Learn the Conscious Connected Breathing and other methods of liberating the breath.
  2. Experiment with 20 Connected Breaths Exercis and Variations
  3. Learn Alternate Nostril Breathing and other simple yet powerful breathing practices.
  4. Learn to Energy Breathing
  5. Develop a daily practice using Conscious Connected Breathing that is right for you
  6. Experience and recognize Completed Energy Cycles
  7. Heal the Breathing Mechanism
  8. Practice relaxing through Sensation and Emotion
  9. Practice letting go of Thoughts
  10. Develop the Witness Consciousness and Awareness
  11. Experience Silence of Mind
  12. Introduce Spiritual Purification with Earth Air, Fire, Water, Mind
  13. Develop genuine Self Love, Acceptance, and Patience with the process of personal mastery

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Spiritual Purification Training/Retreats in Virginia arranged individually.

  “stop the words now.
Open the window in the center of your heart,
and let the spirit fly in and out.” Rumi

Autumn in my quiet little corner of Manhattan, (Inwood)
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